'Mouse for Men' concept mouse: too manly for women?

So this is what a manly mouse looks like. As part of LG's Cube Competition 2010, Nitin Mane's "Mouse for Men" is a re-imagining of the everyday computing input device.

Mane's futuristic mouse has a customizable touchscreen that relays info from a PC to its OLED screen. A built-in heat sensor even helps keep computing temperatures in check and tell you that you've been playing Minecraft for way too long.

The mouse's cord was designed to be separable — why even include a cord? Most mice are wireless by default these days.

With a name like "Mouse for Men," you have to wonder, is this mouse too much for women to handle? Is Mane trying to tell women to stick to a Magic Trackpad?

Coroflot - Nitin Mane, via The Design Blog

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