Motorola Cliq 2 has funky honeycomb keypad

Designing a keypad that's useful and comfortable isn't an easy job. Look at the Droid Pro and its unoriginal and obviously BlackBerry-inspired keypad. The keypad on the Cliq 2 isn't like that.

Motorola seems to have taken an element that is completely unrelated to cellphones and mashed it together in its Bagonia aka Cliq 2. The Cliq 2 has a keypad that looks like a honeycomb. It's fun and funky — perfect for the person sick of the blandness in today's cellphones.

How the honeycomb keypad translates when it comes to prolonged texting is unknown. One thing is for sure, Motorola deserves credit for thinking outside of the box. If there was an award for "strangest cellphone keypad," the Cliq 2 would definitely be in the running.

Via Cellphone Signal

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