Miluira electric car is all about the old-school looks

Bet you thought the Smart Car was not passenger-friendly. Wait till you get a load of the Miluira. Takayanagi's one-person electric car is a blast from the past, but with a drive from the future.

If you can get over the fact that you'll never be able to drive anyone but yourself in the Miluira, then you might understand what's so special about it — it's electric and has slick retro looks. Really, the Miluira looks like something Henry Ford would design if he were alive today.

Despite its detailed stylings, the Miluira disappoints in being, you know, a car. It can only reach a top speed of about 37 mph and travel up to 21 miles before requiring a pit stop at an EV station. The Miluira can probably be classified as more of a souped-up go-kart than as a real car.

Lucky for you, the Miluira is not another concept car. It'll be available in March 2011 for about ¥6.3 million or roughly $76,000.

Miluira, via Akihabara News

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