MacBook Air fightin' Adamo gets lower price, better guts

Out of all the netbooks and razor-thin laptops out there looking to take down the MacBook Air, Dell's Adamo seems to be the only one with the chops to keep up. And keep up it has — Dell just released a less expensive, more powerful Adamo on its website.

While there isn't an 11-inch Adamo to answer the 11-inch Air that starts at $999, the 13-inch model weighs in at $899 — a pretty stark contrast to the Air's $1,299. That disparity in price doesn't equal a disparity in power, either: with the basic Adamo you get a Windows 7 machine with a 2.1GHz processor, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive.

By comparison, your $1,299 gets you 1.86GHz processor, half the RAM and the same amount of storage on an SSD. You can nudge up all those options to fall in with the Adamo — including twice the amount of storage — though you'll be looking at double the price.

As someone who liked the new iteration of the Air (though was unimpressed by the first generation), the Adamo looks to be a worthy competitor at a far more attractive price.

Dell, via TFTS

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