LG's 4-inch box converts your 'dumb' HDTV into a Smart one

How many little black boxes are connected to your flat screen? How about considering another? LG's box is kind of like a V8-engine for your outdated HDTV — it turns any cheap tube into a Smart TV.

LG's Smart TV Upgrader (ST600) is aimed at pumping more life out of your aging HDTV. The 4.3-inch box will bless your TV with Ethernet, USB ports, Wi-Fi (DLNA support) and give you access to Internet apps (similar to Vizio's offerings).

The ST600 takes a different approach from Google's Google TV offerings, basically acting as an extended dock to your HDTV. Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company sees the box as a natural fit for people who don't want to buy a brand new TV, but want new features.

A price and release date hasn't been revealed yet, but it'd better be dirt cheap. Otherwise, the justification to buy it won't offset purchasing an entirely new HDTV that already has Smart TV from the get-go.

Via Tech Connect Magazine

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