iWallet keeps your cash safe, only opens with your fingerprint

Losing your wallet is a big deal. You have to go through the trouble of canceling all your credit cards, getting replacement IDs and cry over all your lost cash. The iWallet keeps everything inside of it secure by locking it all down with your fingerprint.

Why didn't anyone think of this before? A wallet with a biometric fingerprint reader that opens with your unique scan. To add even more security, the iWallet can be linked to your cellphone via Bluetooth. If your iWallet is separated more than 10-15 feet from your cellphone, a loud alarm will sound. We can see this feature being ideal for the absent-minded dater.

The iWallet starts at $300 for the polycarbonate, $400 for the fiber glass and $600 for the carbon fiber model. These are some pricey wallets, but can your Louis Vuitton wallet protect your identity and your cash?

iWallet, via Notcot

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