Is this a mouse or a gamepad? It's both.

We all want to cut the clutter on our desks. Nowadays, we often find ourselves with too many computer peripherals. Now, you can scratch another one off your list. The Chameleon X-1 is a mouse with a full gamepad underneath.

You're probably wondering how Shogun Bros. managed to stuff an entire game controller into a wireless mouse. We haven't a clue either. To be honest, we don't care what kind of black magic was used to make it work, we just care that it works. The buttons look relatively flat, especially the twin analog sticks (reminds us of the PSP's analog "nub"), but should do the trick for some quick NES emulation.

The Shogun Bros. website describes the mouse as having "3 million times switch press test" — so does that mean after 3 million left and right clicks, the mouse is no good? Because that would totally blow. The X-1 uses a "sophisticated Norway Nordic chip" — anyone have any idea what that entails?

The Chameleon X-1 appears to be a product based from Hong Kong's Sham Shui Po district. It will supposedly cost $55 with availability TBA. We like the idea of a two-in-one gadget, but we remain skeptic seeing as how this thing is a product from the Far East.

Shogun Bros., via OhGizmo!

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