I don't think I'll be riding this wooden, vertical roller coaster

I don't know about you, but when it comes to roller coasters I tend to have pretty high safety standards. Something about dying by being flung from the top of a coaster just feels below me. So I don't think I'd take a ride on this homemade, vertical wooden coaster.

Made by engineering students, the "Reverse Cowgirl" sounds downright terrifying:

The Reverse Cowgirl, designed by Mike Nawrot '12 and Romain Teil '11 dropped its riders vertically, then turned them face down as they skimmed 2 feet above the ground, face down and strapped with their backs to the cart, before bringing them back to vertical upside-down.
I'll stick to deathtraps made out of steel, thank you very much.

Flikr via Make

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