Hybrid harvester is the first to steal energy from two sources

Energy harvesters are devices that suck electricity out of the world as you go about your normal daily routine, the idea being that your gadgets will always be charging themselves. Fujitsu has made a harvester that's twice as efficient by stealing energy from both light and heat at once.

While there are a bunch of gadgets that can convert light or heat or motion into electricity, Fujitsu's new energy harvesting system is the first to be able to generate electricity from both light and heat at the same time. This is cool not only because there's the potential to generate twice as much power, but also because the two sources can augment each other, meaning that you only need each one to be working at half capacity to keep your stuff up and running.

The prototype device in the picture above is made from an organic material that Fujitsu says is cheap and easy to manufacture. It's also thin and bendy, which means it will probably integrate well into existing devices. Look for the first commercial applications around 2015, and if you spend enough time out in the hot sun, you might never have to charge your gadgets ever again.

Via Akihabara News

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