Giant vacuum ball cleans everywhere except where the dirt is

I hate doing chores as much as the next guy, but I'm not sure if this big robotic vacuum ball concept is really the solution to my house cleaning woes.

The Dust Ball is designed to roll around on your floor, propelled by an internal motor that shifts the center of gravity to make it move. When the battery is depleted the Dust Ball rolls back into its charging hoop, while a full container will cause it to stop and glow.

That sounds neat, but there's a reason existing robotic cleaners like the Mint are low and squat, as this allows them to get under furniture where dust bunnies tend to hide. The Dust Ball's big size also means it's going to have a hard time cleaning up close to the wall.

While it looks cool, I think the Dust Ball is destined to remain a concept for now.

Dave Hakkens, via Yanko Design

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