Germaphobes rejoice: iPad gets motion control via magic dock

Touchscreen's are dirty — extremely dirty. Stop for a sec and think about all the places you touch before going to play with your tablet. Yeah, it's gross. A magic dock could soon give you some peace of mind — its motion gesture control doesn't require any physical contact.

Using ultrasound technology, Elliptic Labs' dock for the iPad creates a "touchless zone" around the tablet that detects the user's hand motions. As you can see in the video, the results are decidedly very Kinect-like indeed.

Elliptic Labs states its dock uses is "low cost" and uses "low power and low CPU." Sure, we'll see how low it all is at next month's CES.

If you ask us, despite the obvious advantage for clean-freaks, Elliptic Labs' technology kind of defeats the purpose of a tablet. It might work better as a general purpose controller for a TV or computer that can benefit from the larger screen.

Elliptic Labs, via Gizmocrave

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