Floating hotel tells global warming to bring it

One way to fight climate change is to be environmentally friendly and try to reduce carbon emissions to keep sea levels from rising. Another way is to just give up build hotels that float.

Called the Ark, this hotel has a level of paranoia that's good for much more than simply being able to ignore melting icecaps and rising sea levels by floating. It's also designed to be mostly self-sustaining, relying on solar panels, heat capture, and some kind of fantastical tornado wind generator to fulfill its energy needs. The designers even seem to suggests that the plants inside might be able to create a closed ecosystem for when things get really bad, but if the Biosphere project is anything to go by, that's much easier said than done.

The Ark is mostly prefabricated, so it's cheap(ish) to build, and it seems like it might make a good hotel whether or not our planet turns into Waterworld. More pics of this concept structure are available for your perusal down below.

Remistudio, via Inhabitat

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