Finally, a post-apocalyptic survival guide that covers everything

It's the future, and the most unlikely event has happened: someone cared enough to nuke Australia. The outback, once a land rich with beer and fried onion appetizers, is now a wasteland that's home to shady mutants, killer robots and roaming gangs of raiders. Your only goal? Survive.

Nathaniel Lindsay's "Ducked and Covered: A Survival Guide to the Post Apocalypse" will show you everything you need to know to survive in a world after the bombs have dropped. Need to know what items are useful to barter? It's in there. Need to intimidate your not-so-friendly neighbors with some creative lawn decorations? Well, you'll learn about how well both heads and pikes go together! You'll even learn how to deal with those aforementioned mutants and 'bots.

It's tastefully done in a cartoon style that conveys plenty of humor despite the chilling scenario it lays out. Check it out down below.

Vimeo, via Laughing Squid

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