Electronic gloves turn any surface into a piano

The next time your mom tells you to stop tapping your fingers on the furniture because it's annoying, just slip on a pair of these electronic piano gloves and belt out a little Mozart to chill her out. A piano at the dining table? Now that's way more unique than a piano iPad app.

Each finger on the glove is mapped to a different note with eight musical instrument tones for you to choose from. Unlike an air guitar, wiggling your phalanges actually makes real music. There are 20 distinct background rhythms and six pre-recorded songs. You won't find any Bach or Lady Gaga here folks.

Are you worried that the gloves won't fit your thick carrot fingers? Well don't, it's available in sizes from S-XL for $25. There's also no guarantee that your mom will love you more — only that she'll likely pull all her hair out if you can't play piano to save your life.

Handheld Items, via Gizmodiva

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