Double your Angry Birds addiction with this iPad battery pack

The iPad already has an impressive 10+ hours of battery life (general estimate, actual battery mileage will vary) — making it the quintessential tablet of the year. How can it get any better? Why, with a bigger battery that doubles its life.

Road warriors appreciate the longevity that power packs such as the Mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone bring, so why not the iPad? Veho's Pebble Smartskin is just like a Mophie Juice Pack. Veho says that its battery pack has three functions: it's a case plus a battery pack and it comes with a high grade pouch for toting your iPad in. I'd hardly call including a carry bag a real function.

Thanks to the Pebble Smartskin's 6000 mAh rechargeable battery, you can expect your iPad to still be alive and kicking next time you're flying round-trip on a transcontinental flight. The Pebble Smartskin will cost you $80. I assume, another ten more hours of Angry Birds is better than none. No biggie, your plane neighbor will just hate you for that much longer.

Veho, via Techfresh

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