Concept to reality: zipper earbuds keep tangles at bay

Isn't it just awesome when a concept product is turned into an actual real one? Zipbuds must have seen Ji Woong's zipper earbuds and figured, "why not?"

Zipbuds exist to solve one problem: tangled earbuds. How many times have you wrapped your earbuds around your iPod or just got them into some crazy knot that you couldn't untangle? With Zipbuds, that issue is no more. Made from Dupont Kevlar braided cabling, Zipbuds should be durable enough for any adventure.

The sound quality is apparently not entirely terrible either. Zipbuds use a "patented centralized acoustic ventilation that generates richly detailed audio quality and minimizes Total Harmonic Distortion."

Zipbuds cost $40 and are available in a bunch of funky colors.

Zipbuds, via Toxel

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