Concept car has detachable motorbikes for wheels

No longer will you have to decide between the comfort and convenience of a car and the unadulterated chick magnetism of a motorcycle. In one sexy concept vehicle, you can now have both.

The unimaginatively named 'Light Weight Concept' is efficient and eco-friendly, like basically every other concept car out there, but its distinguishing feature is having two rear wheels that convert into motorbikes. Since the car is electric, the wheels have motors in them anyway, so it's not too much of a leap to just make those wheels detachable and give them some handlebars. All you have to do is open the rear hood, drop the bumper down, and the bikes pop out. They only have one wheel each, but the idea is that they balance themselves dynamically, Segway-style.

If these single wheel bikes look familiar, that's because they actually exist, in the form of the Uno. Unlike this car, the Uno is real, and it works. The company behind it, BPG Motors, has been working on a second prototype since we first posted about it in 2008, and they're still hoping to have it available for purchase sometime in the next few years for around $5,000.

Red Dot Awards, via Yanko Design

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