Careful, the 3D in the Nintendo 3DS could fry your kid's eyeballs

It all makes sense now. No wonder we feel dizzy after consuming 3D content. Perhaps, we ruined our eyes decades ago with those red and blue anaglyph glasses found inside of cereal boxes.

Nintendo is warning concerned parents months in advance before its expected 3DS launch that the 3D in its new handheld might not be suitable for children six-years-old and under. The reason is that a child's eyeballs are still developing and 3D could cause irregular changes.

We always worried about becoming cross-eyed after looking at 3D pictures, but this tidbit just reaffirms it a bit.

Nintendo is reassuring parents that parental locks will be in place to keep the 3D effects turned off. Good to know. Is it just me or does Nintendo seem to be getting its foot in on the health matter a bit much lately?

Nintendo Japan, via Kotaku

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