Brain scanning visor helps you stay in the zone during sports

Concentration is an essential element of many sports, but staying in the zone can be difficult if you can't pinpoint what triggers a loss of concentration. This visor aims to help by scanning and recording your brain activity in real time as you compete.

The Brain Athlete visor has a pair of sensors built into the brim, along with one that wraps around your ear. A Bluetooth transmitter then sends the collected data to a nearby laptop where you can analyze the results.

According to manufacturer B-Bridge, the Brain Athlete can help you with things like your golf swing, tennis stroke, and even your performance while using games like World Of Warcraft. Unfortunately my Japanese isn't strong enough to determine just how you learn to improve from the data.

The Brain Athlete is available now in Japan for about $485, with US sales expected some time next year.

Brain Athlete, via Engadget

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