'Bionic ballerina' lights up the dance floor with LEDs, lasers

What happens when you dress up a pretty woman in pretty lights and pretty lasers? Well, let's just say that for some reason I've now got it in my head that a Borg dance party would be really hot. Is that wrong? Guys? Guys?

The dancer's name is Milena, and she's a classically trained ballerina who studied the craft in Russia since the age of five. She's been transformed into the "Bionic Ballerina" (a persona which even has its own Facebook page apparently) by Zhantra Entertainment — a designer who works for the company fastened 17 individual lasers to the LED-studded dress for Milena. The end result is an elegant, one-woman laser light show that's at home on the dance floor or on a stage.

Check out a video of the lit-up lady in motion down below.

Via Gizmag

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