Astrum Meera uses magnetic levitation to prevent car sickness

If there was an official Tron car, it'd look like the Astrum Meera. Designed by John Baltazar, the Meera was created with the idea of "practical design" in mind — something that can't be said for a lot of other concept cars.

The four-seater Meera uses magnets to lift the car's wheels instead of traditional bearings, resulting in smoother rides. I'd love to leave the SUV at home and take the Meera out next time I'm on a road trip.

Aside from having gorgeous curves, the Meera also has retractable rear-view mirrors equipped with cameras that allow you to see outside clearly in any weather without having to roll down the window. The Meera even has built-in carbon dioxide sensors that monitor engine emissions in real time.

The only thing missing from the Meera that would make it really Tron-ish is the glow from the blue LED lights.

John Baltazar, via Gizmag

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