Anti Sleep Pilot distracts drivers into awakeness

Until we get the robot cars we've been waiting for, sleeping and driving just don't mix. The Anti Sleep Pilot is a gadget that lives on your dashboard and does its level best to keep you awake and safe while you're behind the wheel.

To tell you how sleepy you are, the Anti Sleep Pilot first needs to know your initial sleepiness level, on a scale of one to four. Four corresponds to "been out on the town the night before," according to the manual. Once you've got that set, you can hit the road.

In addition to monitoring your driving using an accelerometer, the Anti Sleep Pilot will give you a little reaction test every once in a while. It will make a sound and turn orange, at which point you have to smack it as fast as you can. The longer it takes you to do this, the more concerned the device gets about your reaction times, and if you're too slow on four tests in a row, it will turn an angry red and demand that you pull over and rest.

I know this seems like it would be super distracting, and it sort of is. But the occasional tests also help to keep your brain from turning into pudding, which can happen when you're tired or on long drives. The device is also smart enough to not care if you don't always hit it every single time, it just times you when you do, which gives you the option of focusing purely on driving when you need to. If you skip it four times in a row, though, it assumes you've been asleep for the last few minutes, and will freak out.

Unfortunately, the only way this thing is effective is if you decide to turn it on, and then pay attention to its suggestions while you're driving. It has no way to enforce what it thinks you should do besides lighting up and making annoying noises that you can just drown out with the radio. It would be sweet if they could figure out some way to actually wire this into your car, so that it could (say) mess with the gas gauge and slowly bring it down to empty if you're getting too sleepy, forcing you to take a break before driving into the danger zone.

The Anti Sleep Pilot is currently available in Denmark for about $220, which is the equivalent of a can of Red Bull every day for like a year and a half, in case you were wondering. In the US, you can pre-order one from the website below.

Via Anti Sleep Pilot

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