Android Game Boy iPhone mashup leaves us with one question. Why?

While it's hardly the first attempt at combining various iconic tech devices, this three-way combo seems to take the concept one device too far, by trying to mash an HTC Android phone, GameBoy, and a (fake) iPhone4 into one clunky device.

Starting with the HTC Aria, builder Goteking stuck the phone inside a hollowed out GameBoy case, then attached the fake iPhone4 to the back. While the iPhone doesn't work as a phone, it's not there just for show. Goteking hollowed it out and installed a scrolling LED display that can be read through the thin plastic case of the fake phone.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what you might do with this, but I suppose you can use it to impress Apple fanboys and classic gaming fans happy as long as they don't look too closely.

Goteking, via Technabob

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