A firmware update could 'quadruple' Kinect's camera accuracy

Is it possible we will be seeing even better Kinect games and more importantly more comprehensive hacks in the future? A reports suggests that Microsoft is working on a new firmware update that could quadruple Kinect's accuracy.

Gaming news outlet, Eurogamer, is reporting that unlocking Kinect's 640 x 480 resolution depth sensor could push the camera even further into Minority Report territory. Right now, Kinect's firmware caps the resolution at 320 x 240 because of the way the Xbox 360 manages multiple USB devices.

At a 640x480 resolution, however, Kinect could begin to detect fingers and hand rotation — an effective quadrupling of its accuracy.

This is great news for Kinect owners, because as it stands, most games for the sensor kind of suck. Yeah, we said it, and deep down inside, you know it too.

Eurogamer, via MCV

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