10 great Doctor Who gifts for Daleks and Gallifreyans alike

After being on television for almost 40 years, it's no wonder Doctor Who's fanbase is so large. Beyond all that sweet time traveling, though, are the cool gadgets. Seriously, the Doctors are like time-bending Bat-men, and the new gadgets for 2010 run from "hey, that's actually practical" to full-on geeky gadget bliss.

The best part? Some of them you can actually buy! Oh, and hey, the gift-giving holidays are upon us — convenient.

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1. EXTERMINATE! (18-Inch Interactive Dalek)

This first gift falls squarely into the "way cool" category. With the exception of being 18 inches tall and not having a working weapon, there's little to separate this from a real Dalek.

It talks, rolls and spits out 30 common Dalek phrases (who knew they even said more than "exterminate!"), all controlled with a remote. You can even set it to guard a room, whereupon it'll startle anyone who comes in with the usual Dalek threats.

Although difficult to find lately, this is an absolute must have for a serious Doctor Who fan who's not afraid to be "not so serious." After all, "one does eventually grow tired of Jelly Babies."

Price: $400 (At the time of posting, there was only one left at this price.)


2. Sonic Screwdrivers

There are a really nice variety of these now. In previous years, the sonic screwdrivers did little, if anything. Some of the new ones actually make it into the practical category. Up above is one modeled after the 11th Incarnation and made of metal, and it's an actual screwdriver with interchangeable tips.

Price: $27

There's also:
This one is a ballpoint pen that I actually use myself, and it draws stares at business meetings and chuckles from my British co-workers. ($20)

Another handy one:
Modeled after the device carried by Jon Pertwee's third incarnation of the Doctor, this one does nothing practical other than make noises. Practicality aside, this one earns a 10 out of 10 for sticking true to its classic Doctor Who styling. ($30)



Besides its resemblance to an old London Police Box, this four port USB 2.0 hub works pretty much like any other USB hub. It has an added bonus of making the classic dematerialization noises and flashing its light when you add and remove devices. If you need quiet, don't worry; you won't have to wrap your 15 foot scarf around it, there's a mute button.

Price: $30


4. Cell Phone Charms

Available in TARDIS, Dalek and Cyberman types, these little charms spin around when in close proximity to an active (ringing) GMS/GPRS/EDGE/3G signal.

I'm constantly missing my cell phone calls in the car, so I have mine hanging off my rear view mirror. (Eyes on the road, Hal! —Ed.)

Price: $8-$10


5. Heat Changing Travel Mugs

Although a mug that has an image appear when you fill it with hot liquid is not new, there's something so appropriate about the materialization or dematerialization of the TARDIS.

Price: $11


6. TARDIS (or Dalek) Hologram

They say travel faster than light and you travel through time. This clever conversation piece (Mirascope) is a new take on an old illusion. Like the levitating TARDIS, it's always more fun with a Doctor Who theme. Try to grab the included TARDIS or Dalek and you'll truly think you're bending time and space.

Price: $22


7. Dalek Sculpted Wall Clock

This awesome clock lights up and — dum-de-dum! — tells time. It's on the practical side, and only seven inches tall, but still plenty flashy. That is, if you trust a Dalek to tell you the time and, you know, not try to eradicate your household instead.

Price: $35


8. Master's Fob Watch

An exact replica of the Master's fob watch, this watch glows in a very creepy (and cool) way. Engraved in high Galifreyan, it's a must for your Time Lord.

Price: $80


9. Sweet Key Chains

Besides showing your Doctor Who these fobs each have a purpose, believe it or not: the sonic screwdriver and Dalek are both LED flashlights and the TARDIS has a hidden secret compartment to stash your cash or other valuables. Oh, and they hold keys, of course.

Price: $13


10. Levitating TARDIS

This would look cool on any desk. There are levitating globes and other objects but none quite as cool or appropriate as a levitating TARDIS. Give it a little flick and it spins freely.

Price: $35

More holiday gadget gifts to consider:

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