Your cellphone will have the ability to check if you have an STD, instantly

Some doctors in the U.K. are developing a little chip that when peed on can instantly notify you whether or not you have an STD or not — using your cellphone. Is there anything a cellphone won't be be able to take of in the future? It's a phone, a music player and now it wants to your doctor?

Similar to a how a woman can pee on a pregnancy test to determine if she is pregnant, the USB-sized chip analyzes your urine or saliva when you connect it to a cellphone. Er, why would anyone connect something they just peed on to their cellphone? That's just bad hygiene. Within minutes your phone will let you know if you have an STD.

This could be an incredible breakthrough for medical technology if these things become cheap enough to mass produce. The inventors expect to sell these magic STD detecting sticks for about £1 or $1.60 in vending machines, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Doctors who are experimenting with this new chip say they hope it'll foster greater sexual awareness and control. We're more concerned about a lot of youngsters suddenly getting smacked with the bad news that they have an STD. You don't know you're infected or sick until you have it checked out. Knowing privately that you have an STD won't change the fact that you have it.

Guardian, via BGR

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