This gamer paid $15,000 to play a video game on an 820-feet long screen

One gamer wasn't satisfied with a 60-inch plasma at home so he sought out the next best thing: an 820-feet long display. What game did he want to play? Apparently some World of Warcraft knock-off called Magic World Online 2.

It's reported that the man of the hour paid up to $15,000 to earn the privilege of slashing his foes on the ginormous display. For those who need a refresher, the LED display in question is located in Beijing, China and is usually used to display a virtual aquarium filled with virtual sharks and fishies, video feeds from live events and allow visitors to share photos by uploading them.

Fifteen grand is a helluva lot of dough, but hey, the Chinese are getting so rich these days, they can spend their money on whatever they want!

Don't believe this is real? Take a look at the video below to see all the geekery.

Kotaku, via Engadget

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