Up for bid: one aircraft carrier, lightly used, with ski-jump

The British Navy has gotten into the holiday spirit by putting one of its aircraft carriers, the HMS Invincible, up for auction. She's 700 feet long, weighs 17,000 tons and would be perfect for a relaxing day on the lake or intimidating medium-sized nations. Bid now!

The Invincible was built in 1980 and cost a little over a quarter billion dollars. She has 19 decks and comfortably holds about a thousand people plus 22 aircraft, so you should have plenty of room to spread out. Sadly there are no catapults to play with, but there is a 'ski jump' at the end of the flight deck with a 13 degree slope that was used to help launch heavily-laden Harrier jump jets.

The Royal Navy has gone through and taken out all of the really cool, really dangerous stuff, and the Invincible hasn't even been left with engines, so you'll have to call up one of your friends who has a trailer or something to get her home. The good news, though, is that she's only expected to fetch about $1.5 million, making her easily justifiable to anyone with even a casual interest in yachting.

So, what do you do with your own ski-jump equipped aircraft carrier? There's one idea in the video below.

eDisposals, via Time

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