Trying to kill this snakebot just makes more snakebots

As if Israel's new robotic snake wasn't freaky enough, blowing one up might just leave you with a bunch of slightly smaller robotic snakes. And they'll be pissed.

Instead of being built like a normal snake with a head at one end and a tail at the other, each segment of this snakebot is totally self-contained with a brain, sensors, motors, and batteries. While the segments are designed to work together to form a long, stealthy snake that can do things like stand up and climb trees, each segment is capable of operating by itself if the snake gets damaged.

The segments can also be configured with alternate payloads, which are separated from the rest of the snake to perform their own missions. So, if the snakebot needs to plant a listening device, it can just disconnect a little piece of itself and leave it behind to eavesdrop. It can also detach segments packed with explosives if it's feeling ornery.

The current version of this robotic snake weighs about 15 pounds, but it can be as big or as small as it needs to since you can just add or remove segments. Researchers are trying to teach it to better slithering skills, and after that, it'll be going to work for the Israel Defense Forces.

Check out the first generation of robosnake in the video below.

Technion BRML, via Defense Update

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