This watch is packed with so many gears, it'll make your head spin

A slew of companies might think an iPod Nano watch is sexy, but Manufacture Royale does not. Its accordion-shaped watch is a touch of steampunk mixed with a dosage of style.

The Opera is a watch filled to the brims with 319 parts that include tons of little gears and screws inside of its 18k rose and gray gold case. Its watch band is made of alligator skin. What makes the watch so special besides its intricate design is its built in music notes that go off with the clock's hands. The hour hand is an A note and the minute hand is a C sharp.

Manufacture Royale is only going to make 12 of these watches, each costing $1.2 million. If you're feeling like a baller and want to be part of an exclusive club, then whip that plastic out and drop it like it's hot.

A watch can't get any more timeless than the Opera.

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