The Philadephia Eagles plan to become the greenest team in sports

Pretty soon the uniforms won't be the only green thing about the Philadelphia Eagles. Because starting next season, their home stadium will be powered by 100 percent on-site generated renewable energy.

During the upcoming off season, the rim of Lincoln Financial Field will see 80 spiral wind turbines installed, while the facade of the stadium will be covered with 2,500 solar panels. Rounding out the system is a 7.5 Megawatt biofuel co-generation system, and a sophisticated control system to balance the load between these power sources.

The $30 million privately funded project will be installed by a Florida company called SolarBlue, and is expected to save the Eagles an estimated $60 million over the next 20 years. When the stadium is not in use, it is expected that up to four Megawatts will be returned to the local power grid.

This looks like it will be an incredible step forward for renewable energy, being entirely privately funded, while delivering a huge cost savings to the Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles, via TreeHugger

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