The next Lady Gaga could be a Japanese holographic singing idol

If you're an aspiring musician, stop reading now, this will be painful. Japan's Crypton Future Media has unleashed upon the world what may be the future of pop music in the amazingly realistic, holographic singing idol Hatsune Miku.

Hatsune is a product of Japan's popular Vocaloid software scene in which fans can create their own songs for fictional characters to sing. The twist here is that Crypton took things to the next level by making the character into a hologram and actually putting their avatar on tour, playing to huge enthusiastic audiences.

The spectacle of a hologram performing on stage, with a live backing band in front of thousands of screaming fans is pure science fiction brought to real life. To really process exactly how amazing (and hauntingly creepy) the Hatsune Miku music tour is, take a look at the HD video below.

Via Singularity Hub

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