The future of video game racing wheel controllers is laughable

Please tell us this is not the future of video game racing wheels. With motion controls becoming more popular this year thanks to Sony's PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Kinect for the Xbox 360, dedicated controllers for racing games are becoming extinct. In its place are plastic controller shells.

The novelty of using a gyroscope and accelerometer combo is nice on a portable device like an iPhone or iPad, but it's kind of silly and really ugly when you stick something like a Move controller with its glowing ball into plastic shell. Those familiar with Mario Kart Wii's plastic driving wheel shell will feel another stab in the chest.

According creator Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo 5, the most realistic racing simulator for the PlayStation 3 is being stamped onto Blu-ray discs as we speak. It saddens us to think that this hideous looking wheel is how gamers will enjoy all racing games in the future. But then again, it could be worse right? There could be no controller like in Kinect's Joy Ride game. We might as well hold plates up to our TVs like we did when we were little kids, pretending to drive our imaginary cars.

Via Joystiq

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