The future of the work desk is all about multi-touch

The BendDesk is what everyone's desk will look like in the future. Think of the BendDesk as kind of like a Microsoft Surface — without all the hunching.

Created by The Media Computing Group, the BendDesk tries to bridge the horizontal surface of our workspace with our vertically aligned computer screens. The "bend" is the 90-degree curve in the middle of the display. Using a combination of three cameras, two projectors and a bunch of infrared lights, the BendDesk can track up to ten fingers at once. This stuff is nearly Minority Report worthy.

BendDesk's creators plan to present the future of the desk at the Tag der Informatik 2010 workshop next month. We have one suggestion: a chassis makeover - STAT.

Hit up the video below to see some basic multi-touch photo flicking and a touch-based Space Invaders clone in action.

The Media Computing Group, via BGR

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