The 15 best gadget snuff videos of all time

This may or may not surprise you, but the Internet is home to a large number of videos documenting the violent obliteration of electronic products. The videos range from the polished and produced all the way to one-shot Jackass vérité. We scavenged the YouTubiverse for the finest in gadget carnage, giving extra points to originality and to overall asplodi-ness. Here are the Top 15.

15. Blowing up an iPod in a Kitchen

If you're going to blow up an iPod with fireworks, I suppose there's a certain logic to doing it in your kitchen — it's near a water source to put out the inevitable fire, for example. To some, it might seem as if these young men are being destructive fools, but I'm of the opinion that they totally thought this through. Good job, you guys.

14. Exploding PC

Simple. Short. To the point. No filler. It delivers exactly what it promises. This is the punk rock of techno-torture.

13. A Middle Aged Man Beats Up A Laptop With An Oversized Mallet

It's hard being "the cool uncle." You've got to drive a cool car; let your nieces and nephews stay up late; and, on occasion, take a cartoonishly large mallet to a laptop.

12. Setting the Music World on Fire

Got a blowtorch and a first-generation iPod? Here's a fun way to spend an afternoon.

11. If a Laptop Explodes in South Korea, Will it Effect Weather Patterns in Boston?

This is footage from South Korea. I'm not even sure if this laptop was blown up on purpose or exploded on its own. I don't speak Korean, but I assume the narrator is saying something along the lines of "This laptop thought it was soooo cool, but now it's all blown up. How cool are you now, Mr. Laptop? Answer: NOT VERY!"

10. Propane + Fire + Rifle + Microwave = The State of Youth in Rural America

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you put a propane tank in a microwave, lit it on fire, and then shot it with a rifle? The answer may surprise you (actually, not really — exactly what you think will happen, does).

9. A Lithium Battery Meets its Maker

Lithium batteries come with all sorts of warnings about the proper way to handle them. As it turns out, they're not kidding about that.

8. A Brand New iPad Suffers a Vicious Beatdown

Take that, Apple! That will teach you to create a bunch of unwarranted hype around an oversized iPhone. Somewhere Steve Jobs is shedding a tear (probably not, though — he got paid anyway).

7. Computer Monitor S'mores

In prehistoric times, the communal fire brought people together to socialize and gather the information of the day. Kind of like the Internet does today. I like to think that this video brings communal fires and information technology together in a kind of inter-era conversation. A Kumbaya across the millennia.

6. Nano Faces the Vice Squad

These young enterprising lads decided to put an iPod Nano in a vice and then smack it with a hammer. I approve of this decision — I get the feeling if these kids didn't find some way to exorcise these destructive impulses, they might present a real danger to the general public. (NSFW for a stray S-bomb.)

5. Burning a Dell at the Stake

Did you ever wonder what the IT guy at your office does for fun on the weekend? This. This is what he does. (NSFW for some cussin'. But at some points he bites his tongue and says things like "holy crikies." IT guys are weird.)

4. An eMac Faces the Firing Squad

This one is also NSFW for language, it's also NSFe — not safe for eMacs, because they get shot by guns.

3. Cellphone Toaster Strudel

Yup, it's a cellphone in a toaster. You might think that's stupid waste of both cellphone and toaster. But I think it's nothing short of art. Think I'm completely off base? Well, keep in mind, visionary artistic movements are almost always initially misunderstood by the artistic establishment of their day, only to later find vindication down the road. And I happen to think this video artist who goes by the name "poopooGarret" may very well be the next de Kooning. Get on the right side of history.

2. Practicing Surgery on an LCD TV

As it turns out, lots of cool and interesting things happen when you dismantle a flat-screen TV. Take a pair of pliers and try it on your set at home. They don't show it in the video, but I'm sure it's easy enough to put back together. If anyone asks, just say you're doing it in the name of science!

1. Drill Laptops, Baby, Drill

You wouldn't be human if you didn't wonder what would happen if you took a power drill to a laptop screen. Well, now we know — awesome is what happens.

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