Taiwan is actually building this futuristic tree-like tower

This is not a concept. Repeat, this structure is not a concept. Okay, maybe it is right now, but it's a concept tower that is actually going to see the light of day. Taiwan's planning to build a 984-foot tower called the Taiwan Tower in Taichung — making it the tallest structure in that city.

How do you get up such a huge tower? By helium filled pods that are powered by propellers. Each pod can carry from around 50 to 80 people at once. That sure beats breathing down a stranger's neck or worse have them breath all over you in a squished elevator.

Like most uber tall buildings of the modern world, the tower isn't just a building for offices. It'll have a museum, restaurants and conference centers. Damn, this thing looks so sci-fi we wish NYC would get with the times with some cooler architecture like this.

The Taiwan Tower design isn't finalized yet, but the final design should have some resemblance to it. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2012. Consider Taiwan a destination back on our map then!

PopSci, via Gizmodo

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