Steam-run turntable takes the steampunk thing a bit too literally

Steampunk creations are usually very cool and trendy with their hip retro style, but here's a guy who seems to have taken the word "steampunk" a bit too literally, by building a steam-powered turntable to play his punk LPs on.

Built by a New Zealand based steampunk artist called Asciimation, the turntable features a a small steam engine he built from spare bits he had in his garage, The platter speed is controlled by a servo which uses a coil to read six magnets under the platter, with everything controlled by an Anduino processor.

From the video it seems like the speed control is best described as shaky, but I guess it would lose its steampunk appeal if it delivered audiophile approved results.

Asciimation, via Gizmodo

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