Special shoes scrub the floor as you walk around the house

I hate doing housework as much as most people, so anything that makes doing chores easier is good in my book. But these shoes that have tiny built-in floor sweepers, might be taking things a bit too far.

The FOKI cleaner shoe concept from designer Adika Titut Triyugo is something that you can just wear around the house, and the little brushes will sweep up wherever you happen to go. Built in rechargeable batteries power the brushes, and an LED display on the side lets you know how much juice is left.

My problem is that this seems like a really inefficient way to clean any floor. I suppose you could argue that the places you're likely to be walking in are the places where things are going to be the messiest, but those tiny brushes still aren't going to cover much floor area.

I say stick to the Roomba, or perhaps those Electrolux shoes with the built in vacuums.

via Yanko Design

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