Speaker equipped desk turns your laptop into a kick-ass stereo

There was a time when anyone who was into music had a big home stereo rig for listening to their tunes. But now it seems that most people are stuck with the wimpy little speakers in their laptop, or some crummy iPod dock.

This desk looks like a good solution. With 7 speakers and 120 watts, it should be able to deliver a much better experience than the puny laptop speakers, without making you step back to 20th century sources like CDs or even vinyl records.

The La Boite Concept LD 120 has a built in USB sound card, so all you need to so is connect one wire and you'll be ready to rock. A pair of two-way speakers built into the front edge provide stereo sound, and these are supplemented by a downward firing subwoofer, and two speakers aimed towards the wall to give the sound an added sense of spaciousness. Four colors are available.

This looks like a neat way to get the type of sound you lost when you donated your old college stereo to Goodwill, the biggest problem however is the hefty $1,300 price tag. That's crazy money in the computer speaker world, but actually kind of cheap by high-end audio standards.

La Boite Concept, via Born Rich

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