Second gen solar-powered light bulb lasts thrice as long

You might remember that Nokero's N100 solar-powered light bulb lasted two hours on a charge. Well, it has a new buddy. The N200 not only lasts longer, but is also waterproof as well.

The N200 light bulb lasts three times as long as its predecessor — six hours on one charge. We said that the N100 is perfect for your backyard. Well, the N200 is even better. Nokero's latest light bulb has three modes: on, off and turbo-task (higher brightness).

Nokero is hoping that these LED-lit light bulbs will gain traction in developing countries where electricity is hard to wire up. Solar-power is a great direction to head towards, but the power just needs to last longer. Six hours is a huge step compared to the two hours the N100 got, but still not enough for an entire day.

The light bulb costs $20 and will supposedly last two years. Once the power lasts at least 10 hours, then we'll really get somewhere.

Nokero, via Gearlog

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