Relax, Kinect will hardly use any of the Xbox 360's CPU

Cue the applause. Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect motion detecting camera is going to be huge. Why does it deserve credit? Microsoft's managed to optimize Kinect down to the core right up to tomorrow's launch.

First Microsoft fixed the "sitting on the sofa while playing" issue and now it's optimized Kinect to draw CPU power in the single digits. It was previously believed that Kinect would use 10 to 15 percent of the Xbox 360's processing power.

This is great news for Xbox 360 owners as the faithful already know that the Xbox 360 is prone to system lock-ups, especially the old non-slim line ones. Will this mean the Xbox 360 will not run as hot when trying to calculate all your arm flapping and leg kicks? We sure hope so. Will the amount of system resources needed for more graphically rich games increase in the future? We suspect it's a possibility. Kinect Sports isn't exactly the next Call of Duty Modern Warfare you know.

We're very happy to see Microsoft keep improving what is really a sensor that originally cost $30,000 to create. Microsoft is selling it to us for $150 — how generous of them., via Techradar

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