R/C Corvette PC mod combines form and function into one

What do you do if you love remote-controlled toy cars and computers? Combine them right? Naturally, that's what one PC modder did. Bill Owen didn't take the easy route out by just shoving all the innards of a PC into a Corvette car shell — the R/C car can still be driven with a remote control.

Bill Owen, founder of "The Mod Brothers" managed to stuff an Intel Quad-core CPU, a 60GB solid state disk, 4GB of DDR RAM as well as a Gigabyte 512l Radeon HD video card into this toy's little shell. There's even a slim-line DVD slot, so tiny netbook stuff this is not.

We're really jealous of Owen's mad skills. Not only did he cram an entire PC into the Corvette, but he added LED lights, modified the model's body with some better jet streams and gave the entire thing a royal paint job. Did we say that it can still zoom around laying booby traps Home Alone 3 style?

The Mod Brothers, via Geektoplasm

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