Powerful jet bike 'wants to pull your arms off' or 'blow your eardrums'

Bob Maddox is nuts. For his latest creation, the dude combined twin jet engines with a bike as a contracted project for another presumably crazy biker who wants to ride the damned thing.

Maddox has done five test runs on the bike taking it from 0-60 MPH in about five seconds. He says that the thing is so powerful that it "wants to pull your arms off." The guy is officially mental. You wouldn't catch us on something described like that. A trip to Six Flags to ride Kingda Ka wouldn't even be close to ripping our arms off.

It gets better…or worse, depending on how you look at it. The jets engines are pulse jets and can run on almost any fuel with Maddox testing it with regular gasoline and claiming the engine is so loud that it could "blow your eardrums." So not only will we possibly lose our arms riding this bike but we'll also go deaf? Just what we wanted. That's one hell of a bike Maddox. That thing shouldn't be street legal.

d145653, via Wired

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