OnLive bringing video game streaming to your HDTV

OnLive's vision of streaming video games right into your home using cloud-based rendering is ambitious. Theoretically, it means you can play a graphic-intensive game on a netbook without needing a high-end graphics card to render it. Realistically, it won't be in HD or play as well on a tiny keyboard. OnLive is planning to bring its video game streaming service to your HDTV with its new console box.

Simply plug the OnLive Game System box into your HDTV through HDMI and you'll be up and running in a matter of minutes. OnLive claims that some beta testers "reported going from opening the box to playing a game in under three minutes." Sounds good to us — but it also needs the right games to support it. A game platform is nothing without great games.

For $99, you'll get the little black box that comes with an HDMI port, AV port, ethernet, 3.5mm audio jack, an optical port and a controller. OnLive will also support 1080p 3D TVs making it pretty future-proof.

Is there room in your living room for another video game platform?

OnLive, via Gearlog

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