Odd-looking stylus has a ring tip instead of a point — but why?

If you've ever tried to draw on a touchscreen — be it on your iPad, iPhone, computer monitor or even Nintendo DS — then you've probably found something like a stylus more effective than your finger. With a bunch of 'em hitting the market aimed at tablet users, oStylus stands out with its weird, ring-like tip.

So, what's up with the ring? Well, apparently it's so you can see what you're drawing — it's not to lay down a super thick line or anything. It can be hard to get a feel for where you're putting down ink (so to speak) with a fat stylus, so the oStylus's ring let's you see exactly where you are.

That said, there's a downside to the oStylus: it's $40. That's a pretty heavy price to pay when a piece of sausage would work just as well.

Here's a video of the stylus in action:

oStylus, via Test

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