Obama meets Japan's robot elite

During President Obama's recent trip to Japan to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit he took a moment to pay respects to the real future of Japan's economy: robots.

Rounding the corner of a corridor and met with the inhuman wail of the robot baby seal Paro, Obama uttered his trademark, "Uh oh..." Then greeted by the cold utterances of the HRP-4C humanoid robot, the President quickly returned his interest to Paro, which seemed to intrigue the POTUS as he stroked its artificial fur.

Next Obama took a very short ride in the Toyota i-Real, and after some momentary concern that the contraption might not offer a smooth ride, he got up and continued to make his way to his next official meeting. Pay close attention to the video below, this may be the last time a major head of state allows a humanoid robot to get this close before the singularity arrives and the human-robot battles lines are drawn.

Via Gizmodo

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