Not a fan of Windows or Apple? The Jolibook could be for you

Most people in the market for a low-cost portable computer tend to think that their only choice is between Apple and Windows, but now a third option looks set to shake things up. Linux may have been around for years, but the Jolibook, with its Jolicloud OS, promises to give Linux a new user friendly face.

Netbooks are still popular, but most have somewhat anemic processors that have a tough time slogging through the baggage that comes with the Windows OS. Linux involves much less heavy lifting, but until now, most Linux installations haven't exactly been plug 'n' play. Jolicloud looks to change that, especially when it's pre-loaded as with the Jolibook netbook.

Details are still pretty sketchy, but it looks like the Jolibook has a 10.1-inch screen, a 250GB hard drive, and an Atom N550 processor. The interface appears to be pretty strong on networking apps, and it will come with a browser called Chromium, which is the open source version of Google's Chrome.

The all important price has not yet been announced, but look for the Jolibook to hit the stores later this month.

Jolicloud, via Slashgear

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