New Facebook Messages wants to aggregate your SMS, chat and email

Mark Zuckerberg finally took the wraps off of "Project Titan" at Facebook's special "email-killing" event yesterday in San Francisco. Is the 500-million users strong social network killing email? Not quite. Instead, Facebook wants its Messages to become an aggregator for all your digital messages — not just the ones sent on Facebook.

Called the "modern messaging system," Facebook Message's new facelift will combine all your text messages, chats from various platforms and emails into one place. It'll be accessible by any device that can log into Facebook. It's not exactly a stretch that Facebook has been working on a control center for all message-related things considering how much time people spend on the social network these days.

All Facebook owners will eventually get their very own "" email address corresponding to their username. How many more emails does a person need these days? I have over a handful. Facebook might not be trying to kill email just yet but there's no doubt in my mind that its planning to eventually overtake the most popular email services such as Hotmail and Gmail. It'll be especially more effective with younglings — those teens that are addicted to Facebook.

The new Facebook Messages is invite-only for now but Zuckerberg said it should be rolling out over the next few months. Facebook is generally pretty quick in updating accounts with new features and we expect the same for Messages.

What do you think? Is Facebook trying to bite off more than it can chew? Facebook isn't only going after email, it's going after every message service available. Do you have privacy concerns? Whatever qualms you have, just throw them in the comments below.

Facebook Blog, via Mashable

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