Movie screens will collect your facial expressions for 'research'

What if I told you that movie theaters may become a little bit similar to Big Brother? A U.K. security firm just earned a grant to use special cameras embedded into movie theater screens to capture your facial expressions — to serve you more relevant ads. Just when I thought privacy couldn't get any worse, this is sure to shake up movie goers.

The security firm, Arlia Sytems is planning to use infrared to detect the facial expressions of an individual's face. It will use 3D facial recognition technology to determine things like whether the audience is looking at a certain ad, where on the screen their eyeballs are tracking and how targeted ads are being received.

So what's the damage we're looking at? Well, it seems the camera tech Arlia Systems is using will be able to map out whether you are making out during the previews instead of watching an ad. The security firm says that it will only be collecting info that will help aid in better targeted ads. Forgive us if we're a bit uncomfortable being potentially subjected to scans all the time. We just go to the movies to enjoy an experience, not be be spied on. Besides, it's just plain creepy to want to collect our sneers and smirks for "research."

Via Fast Company

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