Modified laptop screen fixes cramped typing when flying coach

Flying coach isn't fun, but more often than not, for most of us, it's the only option. Video game modder, Ben Heckendorn and all around super awesome geek saw a problem with using a full-sized laptop when flying coach and fixed it. His laptop frankenstein raises the laptop's screen with a new sliding hinge.

Ben Heck, as the do-it-yourself guy likes to be called is usually known for building those amazing Xbox 360 laptops, but sometimes the guy sees a problem and tries to solve it. Take his latest creation, the Coach Section Laptop — a Toshiba Satellite laptop, with its screen sliced off and hinge replaced with an aluminum arm with sliding pegs on each side to keep the screen in place. Heck's new laptop design essentially raises the screen, letting you type below it (hope you can touch type) allowing for more comfort when using your laptop on those teeny tiny little pop-out seats in the coach section of the airplane. To tell you the truth, I'd rather just sleep or read a book than do work if I was flying coach — you feel like a herd of cattle no matter what you try to do!

Heck says that the computer is just a proof of concept right now and that a seamless variant, which we take as being a design that doesn't expose the the wiring, will come out shortly. Way to go Heck! Can you make it a little slimmer too while you're tweaking it?

Engadget, via Liliputing

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